Frequently Asked Questions Q&A about Air Purifiers and Ozone

Frequently asked questions about COMFORLD, including how to use air purifiers and the effects of ozone.

Questions about how to use COMFORLD

Can COMFORLD operate continuously 24 hours a day?

COMFORLD’s air purification function can operate continuously 24 hours a day. The running cost (electricity bill) is extremely low, about 6 yen per day at maximum, and the amount of ozone emitted is below the environmental standard value, so it can be used with peace of mind.

What is the applicable area of the COMFORLD?

The applicable area for Camfold is a room up to approximately 30m2. Of course, it can also be used in rooms of 10 to 20m2 without any problem. Please select the mode according to the size of the room, the number of people in the room, and other factors.

What is the electricity and power consumption of camfolds?

The electricity bill for Camfold varies with each mode of the air purifier, but ranges from 0.16 to 0.25 JPY per hour (calculated at the new unit price of electricity, 27 JPY/kWh (tax included)). Power consumption is approximately 6 to 9W.

Questions about Ozone mode, Ozone concentration, effects on the human body

Does ozone have any effect on the human body?

High concentrations of ozone used for sterilization and deodorization affect not only bacteria and viruses but also the human body. Originally, ozone is a naturally occurring substance, and low concentrations of ozone (0.02 to 0.05ppm) are routinely observed outdoors. The allowable ozone concentration at work set by the Japan Society for Occupational Health is 0.1ppm or less, but since the ozone emission of Cam Fold is suppressed to 0.03ppm (air purification mode), which is even lower than that, there is no effect on the human body.

I am concerned about the smell of ozone in the air outlets and in the room

Ozone has a characteristic odor, which is not abnormal. Sensitive persons may smell ozone even at low concentrations (0.01 to 0.02 PPM), but the low concentrations of ozone released are below environmental standards and will return to oxygen in a short time if diffused into the room. If you are concerned about the ozone odor, please ventilate the room for a few minutes.

How often should I use the ozone mode?

If properly ventilated, it can be used daily. Use it in rooms where you are not home or where you are concerned about odors. You can also use it in conference rooms, offices, public facilities, and other places with many people coming and going. The ozone mode automatically ends after one hour, making it ideal for stores, offices, and restaurants after closing.

How long should I ventilate the room after using the ozone mode?

Ventilate the room for 3 to 5 minutes after the ozone mode ends. If you are in an area with poor air flow or if you are concerned about the ozone-specific odor, please ventilate the room for 10 minutes. You can go indoors even during the ozone mode if you ventilate the room sufficiently.

Can the ozone mode be used for deodorization and deodorizing?

Ozone is effective not only in sterilization, but also in deodorization and deodorization. It can be used for household odors from bedrooms, toilets, kitchens, shoe boxes, closets, etc., as well as pet odors from dogs and cats, and cigarette odors. However, it is not very effective against artificial odors such as air fresheners and perfumes, paints that emit strong odors, and gasoline.

Can I leave my pet while in ozone mode?

Highly concentrated ozone affects not only people, but also pets such as dogs and cats, and small animals such as birds, rabbits, and hamsters. Pets and small animals should be removed from the room while the ozone mode is in use. Note that underwater organisms (goldfish, tropical fish, etc.) are not affected.

Maintenance Questions

How long is the life of the base unit?

The UV lamp inside the base unit has a limited life span and must be replaced at regular intervals. When it is time to replace the lamp, the lamp on the power button changes from green to orange and the unit enters maintenance mode. The standard life is 10,000 hours, which is approximately 2.2 years if the unit is operated 12 hours a day.

Where can I order a replacement base unit?

They are available at the retailer where you purchased the unit or on the Camfold consumables purchase page. After you order, we will send you a new unit and you can return the old unit to us for recycling. The purchase price includes round-trip shipping and recycling.

How long do I have to clean the foreign object ingress prevention net?

Depending on the environment of use, cleaning is recommended once or twice a month. Since it can be easily removed, vacuum dust or lightly rub with neutral detergent. If it becomes damaged, replace it with the spare net included in the package.

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