No need to replace or clean filters

COMFORLD is a filterless air purifier that does not use filters.

Most air purifiers on the market are filter-based, but Cam Fold was developed with the concept of eliminating the need for filter replacement and cleaning from the beginning.

The reason for not using filters, which are indispensable for air purifiers, was inspired by a sad experience the developer of Cam Fold had in the past.

Viruses and bacteria left on filters

As you continue to use your air conditioner or air purifier, dust and debris will accumulate on the filter. If left untreated, the performance will deteriorate, so the filter must be cleaned at regular intervals.

However, there is a risk of infection in cleaning or replacing the filter, as pathogens such as bacteria and mold, as well as viruses that remain active, can remain in the filter.

Quite some time ago, an electrician well known to the developer was cleaning an air conditioner when he accidentally dropped the filter on his own head, exposing himself to the dust that had accumulated on the filter.

Viruses and pathogens seemed to be lurking in the dust, and the contractor suddenly fell ill and died a week later. I was very disappointed because he was still young.

Since then, I have come to believe that it is dangerous to touch filters easily. Filters with viruses and pathogens remaining in them are at risk of new infections when they are replaced or cleaned.

According to The Lancet, an international peer-reviewed medical journal, coronaviruses on objects remain inactive for some time and can remain on wood and cloth for up to 48 hours and on plastic and stainless steel for up to 72 hours.

Although viruses are inactivated in a few days, new viruses adhere to the filter when an air purifier is used daily, so there are always viruses and pathogens remaining on the filter.

In addition to viruses, bacteria and mold can also adhere to the filter and cause bad odors.

To avoid inhaling viruses and pathogens, be sure to wear a mask when changing filters and cleaning air purifiers.

Filterless to prevent virus infection

Later, while conducting research on air activation by corona discharge and ultraviolet lamps, we realized that this technology could be used to create an air purifier that does not require filter replacement or cleaning.

We continued our research and commercialized a filterless air purifier called “COMFORLD”, which purifies the air without the use of filters.

While ordinary air purifiers purify the air using a high-performance filter called a HEPA filter, COMFORLD is a filterless air purifier, which means that the filter does not need to be replaced or cleaned.

Therefore, there is no disadvantage of virus infection from the filter.

In addition, the triple function of “ultraviolet rays + ozone + negative ions” is effective not only against viruses and pathogens, but also against chemical substances that cause odors, pollen that causes allergies, and PM2.5.

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