Ozone mode for room sterilization

COMFORLD is equipped with an “ozone mode” that can sanitize and deodorize a room by releasing highly concentrated ozone.

COMFORLD’s internal unit uses a type of ultraviolet lamp called a “cold cathode tube type ultraviolet ozone generating lamp. The ultraviolet light generated by this lamp has two roles: sterilization (wavelength: 253.7 nm) and ozone generation (wavelength: 184.9 nm).

Cam Fold uses a unique technology based on this ultraviolet lamp to provide an air purification function and an ozone generation function that can sterilize an entire room. Therefore, there is no need to purchase two separate air purifiers and ozone generators.

When using the ozone mode, highly concentrated ozone spreads throughout the entire room to sterilize it. In addition, since ozone returns to oxygen after a short time, there is no need to worry about residual chemicals such as hypochlorous acid, and thus indoor sterilization can be performed with high safety.

How to use the Ozone mode

Ozone mode is a mode that releases highly concentrated ozone to sanitize and deodorize the entire room.

In ozone mode, press and hold the power switch or the “Ozone” button on the remote control for 3 seconds, and the power lamp will turn red and the mode lamp will light up in green ozone mode to start operation.

*To prevent accidental operation, the switch must be held down for 3 seconds.

When the ozone mode starts, exit the room promptly as highly concentrated ozone is emitted.

The ozone mode automatically ends after one hour, so there is no need to worry about the ozone concentration rising beyond the necessary level. In addition, even during the ozone mode, pressing the power switch will switch to the normal air purifier mode.

Cautions for using Ozone mode

Ozone affects not only people, but also pets and small animals such as dogs, cats, and birds. Pets and small animals should be removed from the room while the ozone mode is in use. *Aquatic organisms (goldfish, tropical fish, etc.) are not affected.

When using the ozone mode, operate the unit with no one in the room. Accidental inhalation of highly concentrated ozone may cause breathing problems or other human health effects. Also, be sure to ventilate the room after use.

Ideal for sterilizing offices, stores, and restaurants

COMFORLD is an air purifier + ozone generator that uses technology developed as a sanitizer/deodorizer for commercial use and has been improved so that it can be safely used in homes, stores, and offices.

It can be used not only as an air purifier but also as an ozone generator, making it ideal for sterilization in offices, stores, and restaurants.

Retail stores and restaurants have been severely damaged by shortened business hours due to emergency declarations, and there has been an increase in the number of cases where stores are sanitized after business hours in order to restore confidence. However, it is extremely difficult to sterilize every corner of a store using chemicals such as alcohol and hypochlorous acid.

In addition, an increasing number of companies are installing ultraviolet irradiation systems in crowded offices, restrooms, conference rooms, and locker rooms to improve air quality. However, since ultraviolet rays can only sterilize the area irradiated, there is a growing need for ozone sterilization using ozone that can diffuse throughout the room.

Since Cam Fold is equipped with an ozone mode, it can be used as an air purifier during business hours, and after business hours, it can be used in the ozone mode to perform ozone sterilization. In addition, the ozone mode automatically terminates after one hour for peace of mind.

Advantages and disadvantages of Ozone

Ozone has the advantage of high sterilizing power and no residual toxicity, and the disadvantage of requiring concentration control.

Ozone (O3) is a substance consisting of three oxygen atoms (O) bonded together. It is generated when oxygen (O2) is exposed to electric discharge or ultraviolet light and is converted back to oxygen (O2) by heat or light. In general, ozone is an unstable substance and decomposes quickly into oxygen. However, it can be detected in high concentrations at the point of generation.

Low concentrations of ozone are present in the natural environment, and the normal atmosphere contains 0.005 ppm ozone. Ozone concentrations of 0.02 to 0.05 ppm can also be observed in sunny coastal areas and 0.02 to 0.05 ppm in forests, which help mitigate the effects of ultraviolet radiation arriving from the sun.

Because of its strong oxidizing capacity, ozone has the second highest sterilizing power among natural elements after fluorine, making it a very effective means of deodorization, sterilization, etc. Another advantage is that ozone is a naturally occurring substance that returns to oxygen when decomposed, so it does not have the residual toxicity of drugs or chemicals.

However, if the concentration of ozone is controlled incorrectly, it can have adverse effects on the human body, so knowledge and experience are required when handling ozone.

The Japan Society for Occupational Health has set the allowable concentration as 0.1 ppm (0.2 mg/m3) as a working environment standard, and the Japan Ozone Association and other organizations have published environmental standards and indicators regarding the effects on the human body.

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